Fire-Starters (set of 3)
Our fire-starters help light your fire frustration free without the use of artificial chemicals - the beeswax burns hot and the cotton slowly making them a perfect aid to starting a fire in the fireplace, grill, or campsite fire-pit
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Jar Candle
Small container candles. 4 oz glass jar containing approximately 3 oz of 100% beeswax with cotton wick. These pack a powerful punch, burning for 8-10 hours, giving off a lovely warm glow and good light. No need for a candle...
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Decorated Taper (pair)
These are our 12” hand-dipped 100% beeswax tapers with a delicate leaf decoration applied. The decoration consists of 100% beeswax that has been run through a filter many times to make it nearly white. No bleach or chemicals were used...
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Beeswax Winter Ornaments
Hand-made ornaments made of 100% beeswax with ribbon loops. An old German tradition! Beautiful decorative items for home or holiday decoration which give a mild honey aroma to the area around them. They also help keep linen closets or drawers...
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Beeswax taper candle (pair)
Tapers produced in small batches, following a traditional method used since colonial times and before: hand-dipping 100% cotton wick in 100% beeswax. We source the highest quality beeswax possible from regional beekeepers in an effort to support American beekeepers in...
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