Brands & Makers

COVID-19 pandemic has affected all emerging brands, makers, artists, and their communities. Most of such small businesses rely on local events, pop-up markets, and fundraisers to meet a larger local audience. All of these events have been either cancelled or postponed since the beginning of March, leaving a big dent in the retail revenue of small businesses.

Small businesses now have no choice but increase their online presence. Yet unlike big corporations, they don't have their marketing, social media, or online sales teams, brainstorming how to adjust to these unexpected circumstances. In most cases, they are a one-person team, wearing different hats at the same time.

Brands & Makers was born to make this unexpected lifestyle of "stay home" easier for our community. It's an online market place, connecting local small businesses with their communities through virtual events. These days will pass eventually, and everything will go back to normal (hopefully!). Our purpose is to make sure that we can all navigate through these hard times. After all, we are in this together!

Our Story

It all started when our co-founders, Ezgi and Michael had a phone conversation about the cancelled/postponed markets and how to cope with these hard times caused by the current pandemic, COVID-19.

We are all in This Together

After a couple of long brainstorming sessions and several cups of coffee, this idea of bringing all the brands and makers in DMV at one website was born. After all, we are all in this together.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create an online marketplace for you to meet all the brands and makers you've shopped before in many markets and pop-up events. Today, all these brands and makers need your support more than ever. These hard times will come to an end. It's in your hand to save our local economy and make our future brighter.

Our Team

Both of our co-founders, Ezgi and Michael, have their own brands, Seyyah and Buldano. While their businesses are mainly online, they have also attended many markets and pop-up events in DMV area over the years. As both of them have their own brands, they are familiar with the challenges small businesses face during these times. Their purpose is to create a platform for other brands and makers to meet customers and make things easier for both the brands and customers.