Brands,Makers and Artists ("Supplier")

Supplier is interested in having Buldano, LLC, (hereafter Brands&Makers) sell Suppliers products to Brands&Makers's customers. Supplier understands that Brands&Makers will market the products over the Internet. Brands&Makers will describe all products in a manner consistent with the information provided to Brands&Makers by Supplier. Brands&Makers, on its online stores, will use the actual product names and parts numbers and also the Supplier's brand name to accurately describe the products. Supplier understands that Brands&Makers is the main point of contact for its customers and that any customer issues should be directed to Brands&Makers unless mutually agreed otherwise. This agreement is subject to periodic review. This program is effective as of the agreement online agreement is signed by both parties.

Our expectation is that suppliers tender damage-free product packaged in accordance with the delivery method used. That said, damage and defects do happen from time to time. In order to speed the resolution of these issues, Supplier and Brands&Makers agree to handle them as follows:

Supplier will extend to Brands&Makers an allowance in the amount of 15% of total charges after the credit card processing fee ( 2.9% + 0.30c ) is deducted. Brands&Makers will deduct this amount as a separate line item on each payment sent to the Supplier. The percentage is subject to change in the future. Supplier will be informed with a 30 days notice. 

Brands&Makers is not responsible of any shipping charges. Supplier should put their shipping cost on the top of the price they provide.

This allowance agreement covers customer issues reported within 30 days from the time the customer receives the product. After 30 days from customer receipt, the manufacturer's warranty or post-sale guarantee would take effect and Supplier will be responsible for associated costs. Brands&Makers will facilitate application of the manufacturer's warranty to ensure that our mutual customer is satisfied. Example: customer orders a product with a 90 day warranty. 60 days after product receipt, the product stops working. Customer would contact Brands&Makers and Brands&Makers would coordinate with Supplier to ensure the warranty is applied and customer is satisfied.

This agreement does not cover Buyer's Remorse Returns. If a customer chooses to return merchandise, Brands&Makers will issue the purchase order number as the RMA and Supplier will accept returns under their normal return policy unless otherwise specified. Returns must be in new condition and either in the original packaging or sufficiently packaged to withstand the return transit.

While this allowance covers the vast majority of customer issues, there are a few potential issues or errors that would fall outside of this allowance agreement. For instance, Supplier will be responsible for costs (product, shipping and product recovery as necessary) that result from mis-shipments (shipping the wrong product), systematic defects (re-occurring product issues), mis-information (customer issues as a result of inaccurate information provided by the supplier), missing parts, replacement parts and insufficient packaging. 

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