Chakra Balancing Teas

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This line of Chakra Tea has been expertly crafted from herbs that resonate with each chakra full of flavor and infused with the crystal essence. 

Root Chakra: Represents your foundation. Located at the base of your spine. When balanced, we feel confident and sure. When unbalanced, we tend to be fearful and uncertain.

Sacral Chakra: Helps inform how you relate to your and others' emotions. It also controls creativity and sexual energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Your personal power center, your ability to be confident and in control of your life. With a blocked solar plexus you have feelings of overwhelming shame or self-doubt. An open one shows up in the ability to feel/be free to express your true self.

Heart Chakra: This is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. It also can influence your ability to give and receive love from others and yourself. A blocked chakra may show up in the inability to fully open up to someone. An open one enables you to feel deep compassion and empathy.

Throat Chakra: Enables you to communicate your personal power. When blocked, you may have trouble expressing how you feel. An open chakra allows one to express themselves truly and clearly.

Third Eye Chakra: Enables you to see the big picture and connect with your intuition.


Crown Chakra: At the top of your head and represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. 

How the tea is infused with the gemstone

Extracting an “essence” of a gemstone is done when the desired gemstone or crystal is placed inside the container of dried herbs, where its essence is actually infused in the blend. So that while you're enjoying the benefits of the herbal infusion, you're also taking in the healing properties of the accompanying stone.


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